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Apple Store Staff Gets iCloud and iOS 5 Training

iOS v. others
Apple Store. Image by ohskylab via Flickr

For the fall season, two big Apple-universe questions remain unanswered. The first one is, of course, regarding iPhone 5's release date. This is a nagging issue for those (like yours truly) itching to upgrade their phone to this new release. Word on the street pegs the release date to early or mid-October.

The second, somewhat related question, is for those who intend to keep their current iPhone model but who wish to upgrade their phone operating system: when will iOS 5 be released?

Apple's response during iOS 5's launch presentation of the iOS 5 was vague: "this fall". Do they mean early or late fall? There's a difference of several weeks here. A recent development may point to an early-fall release: according to 9to5Mac, Apple Store staff, who are at the front line of store sales and customer service, have apparently started training on iOS 5 and iCloud.

Traditionally, these trainings come only a short time before product launch, usually not more than 2 weeks before D Day. For us here at Approach Mobile, it's important to keep this timeline in mind to better anticipate development cycles.

So it looks like we may have an early Christmas after all :)