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Biometric Scans Theres An App For That

Biometric apps are here

This is an iPhone app development project we did not seen coming here at Approach Mobile!

Massachusetts-based biometric company BI2 Technologies recently developed a shell for iPhone allowing police to conduct criminal record checks using facial recognition, iris scan or fingerprints.

While large-scale tests are planned in September by various police forces in Massachusetts, the iPhone accessory is already raising questions regarding the risks to individual liberties.

The MORIS casing (which sells for $3,000 a piece) is connected to databases, allowing police officers in the field to check a suspect's criminal record virtually on-the-fly.

In principle there is nothing very extraordinary or controversial about such checks, as they are performed every day via on-board computers in police vehicles. But MORIS is different: it is able to work remotely, without the need to engage the suspect. For example, MORIS can take a facial recognition scan up to 1.5 meters from the targeted individual, which could obviously be done without the person's knowledge or permission.

Iris scans required much closer contact, up to 15 cm away from the person's eye.

Food for thought, although it is still unclear if such data collected can hold in court on its own.

And there's the question of privacy and data security. BI2 Technologies tries to reassure skeptics, saying that they do not have access to their own databases.

MORIS is currently being tested locally, but BI2 is considering adding state and federal (FBI) data integration.

With privacy and security issues, coupled with high per-unit costs, it is difficult to see MORIS being deployed on a very large scale in the short term.