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European Operators Adopt Android Billing

Google has deployed service provider enabled invoice payment for Vodafone customers in the UK and Germany. Vodafone becomes the first operator to offer this payment method in Europe. What this means is that applications bought on the Android Market will now be debited directly from the user's mobile operator bill said a representative at Approach Mobile.

A charge limit has been set up, £ 30 per application or £ 250 per month. This measure is to prevent abuse.

In Europe today, the only means of payment is Google Checkout, which is still relatively unknown to the general public. The user also needs a credit card for this service.

Mobile payment systems have been available for several months now in the U.S. (T-Mobile and AT&T US), and in Japan (Softbank, KDDI, NTT DOCOMO).

The purchase of mobile application is becoming more available for Android users and Android app development companies will be able to increase revenue.

Speaking of Europe: As Samsung's Android-driven smartphones continue to soar in popularity, the company seems to be preparing something big in Europe this fall. Check out this teaser video...