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June Apple Keynote Summary

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Great news for iPhone app development

For those who did not get the chance to attend this year's WWDC, here's a brief summary what was said during Apple's keynote on June 6, 2011. Steve Jobs stepped in to launch the presentation and to announce the arrival of iCloud. It seems that iCloud is close to Steve's heart, which probably explains his personal involvement in the announcement said a representative at Approach Mobile. His intervention is also a strategic move on Apple's part, an attempt to create a brand frenzy and solidify iCloud's status in the face of stiff competition in this space.

Of all the announcements made by the Apple brand, three clearly stand out: iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion. Here's a quick overview of each announcement:


This is the long anticipated application that will give permanent, anytime anywhere access to all our personal data - from documents to music and videos. iCloud is a directly response by Apple of the growing worldwide demand for this type of application.

iCloud will allow us to have access to our data virtually anywhere. But that's not all! Applications will also be shared between different devices (very cool!). In addition users will have nothing to do since the cloud will be included in applications by developers.

A nice example of personal value is regarding photos. As soon as you take a photo with, say, your iPhone, that photo is sent directly to the cloud and almost instantly available on your Mac.


Now the big news for iPhone app development: the launch of the new iOS 5. Apple upgraded its mobile operating system in lieu of launching a new iPhone this year...but that should be coming too.

The number of mobile devices running a mobile operating system is absolutely staggering: 200 million units and counting, with Apple occupying a 44% market share. Android in comparison has a 28% market share.

A few other stats for your iPleasure:

  • 425,000 applications are available on the App Store
  • 25 million iPad were sold in the 14 months since its launch
  • 90,000 iPad apps are available today
  • Over 225 millions people have an Apple account with either credit card information stored or configured for 1-click enabled purchasing
  • And for us iPhone app developers: iOS 5 will come with over 1,500APIs (have fun everyone!)

Beyond these impressive numbers, Apple announces that there will be 200 more features added to iOS 5. Here's a quick overview of a few picked at random:

  • Newstand. Kiosk application / library to subscribe to magazines.
  • Twitter is now an important part of IOS. You just enter your login information inside the iPhone to have access to your Twitter account.
  • Tab-driven Safari
  • Reminders: innovation from Apple that offers a Task Manager (synchronization between devices)
  • Photos: Apple now allows shooting without unlocking the device by double-clicking the home button.
  • No more PC! No more connection to a Mac or a PC to update the device: everything is done in the air and now wireless!
  • iMessage: this is in direct response to Blackberry's device chat capability. It will now be possible to chat between all iDevices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad).

Mac OS X Lion

For the 10th year anniversary of its OS, Apple launches its latest upgraded version: the Mac OS X Lion. Apple now claims 54 million machines worldwide, out of which 73% are laptops.

Mac OS X Lion is actually getting to resemble iOS: the multitouch functionality is very much improved, and new entirely new gestures taken directly from iDevices.

Mac App Store is now the main channel for buying Mac applications but also the largest sales channel for software over the last 6 months.

Mac OS X Lion has been available since July 2011.

The remaining innovations are available now for iPhone and iPad application developers and will be offered to the public in the fall.