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Over 150,000 iPhone 5 Units Produced Daily

iPhone 5
iPhone 5?

Digitimes, the technology news site based in Asia, is well known for sourcing information from subcontractors of major technology brands. And according to a latest report, production of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 is in full swing.

It is reported that Taiwanese manufacturers of iPhone 5 components have ramped up production. At the same time, Digitimes states that iPhone 5 device production at Foxconn, which is the main assembler, has reached the rate of 150,000 units per day.

This information is apparently sourced from the following subcontractors: lens and touch screens manufacturer TPK Holding; glass manufacturer G-Tech Optoelectronics; and battery suppliers Simplo and Dynapack.

The site confirms previous estimates made in mid-August that projects production volumes of 5 to 6 million iPhone 5 units in September and over 22 million units in the fourth quarter.

These reports also lend credibility to an October release, and perhaps iOS 5, which will deeply impact iPhone app development we need to be ready!