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Overseas Android App Development News: Tunisian Android Coding Party

android app development tunisia
Coding Party in Tunisia. Photo credit:

The "Coding Party", which took place last week in Tunisia, was the first Android and iOS app development challenge of this kind organized by Orange Tunisia (the telecom operator). 11 participants were gathered in the Orange Developer Center located on the shores of Lake to battle it out for the grand prize. The goal was to build Android and iOS applications that revolved around different themes, including games and mobile utilities.

Once all participants were gathered in the training room, a trainer began by presenting the various themes available for development.

Following the presentation, the candidates were divided into five groups according to their affinity: four pairs and one triad. A draw was conducted to determine the rank of each team and allow them to choose a topic from a list of eight topics.

All candidates were highly motivated and wanted to go beyond their limits for the prize. The teams were supported by the organizers and the center's manager remarked a representative at Approach Mobile.

We don't know who won the challenge, but it's great to see how iOS and Android app development fever hasn't just contaminated our small part of the world :)