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Top Selling Strategies For iPhone App

iPhone App Development and Marketing - The Next Step

Once you've successfully created your application, the next most important step is to market and create buzz for your new application in the App Store.

1. Marketing Your iPhone Apps Through Blogs

iphone app development and marketing
iPhone App Marketing

The reason why blog is interesting and special for marketing your iphone applications is because it provides you with 3 key factors to being noticed on the internet by search engines:

- Fresh
- Topical
- Educational

It also enables you to convey your message from your own perspective in an ongoing way that promotes the messages you wish to get out there on your own schedule.

Every time you release a new blog entry, remember to start a buzz on your social networking sites so your friends will know about it. You can try to put promotions out to them but you'll need do it in a way that doesn't come across as too commercial or pushy.

2. Creating Buzz For Your iPhone Apps Using Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites enable you to increase interest by participating or generating a larger discussion around the area of your iPhone application, instead of direct publicity for the app itself.

You can create a Facebook, a Twitter account, Linkedin, or MySpace group which focuses on the area of interest that your app inhabits. After that, you can start inviting participants into your group. In your group, you can also come out with interesting forum discussions and add blog entries along with updates.

With interesting contents that are compelling for your users, they will be compelled to invite their friends, drawing more people into your brand environment.

3. Making a Demo Video On YouTube

Creating a demo video provides you the opportunity to really show off your application rather than hoping users "get it" by using it themselves stated an Approach Mobile spokesperson.

Your video will be displayed on the Website that you dedicate to your application, however you can also feature it on your blogs, social networking pages, and YouTube channel.

A demo video proves to be successful in the following aspects:

- A demo video can act as a sales pitch for your application.
- A form of education or guide for your users about how and why they should use your application.
- Effective way for your app to spread virally.
- Provide magazines and bloggers a presentation to link to when describing your app.

4. Other Forms of Online Promotions:

- Article Marketing
- Press Releases
- Contact other existing iPhone app websites and inform them about your upcoming app.