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Understanding Android App Development

android app development
Understanding Android App Development

Android is a mobile platform developed by Google. Many people believe that Android is just an operating system for their smart phone; but this is a terrible understatement. Android is a complete mobile application development platform, consisting of the Operating System (OS) and the main applications, which are popular with end-users, and other advanced components, which allow for Android App development. These components include a Software Development Kit or SDK, and the middleware.

Android App Development: Benefits

The SDK is the most important tool for Android app developers, since it is the one, which contains the API and other programming tools that can be used to implement Android apps. Among the major benefits of Android app development, is the fact that it has an open distribution platform, whereby free development and distribution of apps by Android app developers is allowed. The benefits of developing apps in Android are discussed below.

Low Initial Investment: Since Android is Linux-based and is an open platform, it is very cost effective as far as app development is concerned. The low cost makes Android easily accessible to many mobile app developers.

Short Development Cycle: The provision of a fully-fledged development platform, consisting of Operating System, middleware and SDK, as well as documentation makes it easy for developers to design and implement apps quickly.

User Friendly: Android is probably, the most user-friendly mobile platform in existence. The development tools are designed, not to be used by hardcore programmers, as is the case with other mobile programming platforms, but with the common users in mind. This allows users with very little prior knowledge in programming to build their own Android apps, instead of having to hire a professional programmer.

Documentation: The Android developers’ documentation and reference libraries are available free to all developers.

Browser Compatibility: The Android app development platform facilitates rich browser capabilities; therefore, it allows for the provision of enhanced services.