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iOS 5: Beta 8 Release Date and Other News

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iOS 5 Coming Real Soon

The latest rumor on the street: iOS 5 GM (Gold Master version, which is the last version before public release) is set to be made available to iPhone app developers on September 23.

BGR, which is generally quite knowledgeable in the area of Apple news, recently made a post on its site that seems to confirm this rumor. But the post does not stop there. The site also announced that the operating system's 8th Beta would be available no later than this Friday!

Rumor or real information, only the future will tell. But we can't help but hold our breath in great anticipation of Beta 8's apparent release this Friday. BGR's earlier predictions on iOS updates proved correct, given their contacts at AT&T. Having friends in high places truly helps.

In any case, a September 23 GM release could presage an iOS 5 public release for about early October. We just hope that this momentous event will be crowed by another well-anticipated release: the iPhone 5.

Shortly after BGR's article, it was AppleInsider's turn to report that Apple support teams had received instructions to get ready for a potential influx of calls starting October 10. This could very well be related to the release of iOS 5 and fits perfectly with the above information.

On a final note, the arrival of iOS 5 around October 10, days before the release of the iPhone 5, is again very plausible. This scenario was seen in the past, with iOS 3 released just prior to 3GS and iOS 4 just before iPhone 4.

So in summary:

September 16: iOS 5 Beta 8 release

September 23: iOS 5 GM

October 10: iOS 5 public release

And hopefully a few days later: iPhone 5!!!

iPhone application development teams: get ready!