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iPad 3 UI Design Guidelines 2012

The new iPad 3 is truly a magnificent piece of technology with over millions of units already sold since its initial release on March 7,2012. As a matter a fact, of the 107 million tablets estimated to be shipped out in 2012, Apple is to account for 62.5 percent of them.

So what is the  biggest change in the new iPad 3?

A big upgrade in screen resolution from 1024 × 768 pixels to a stunning 2048 × 1536 pixels. This is what Apple calls as their super-high-resolution screen aka Retina display, also found on the new iPhone 5. This same screen packs just as many pixels as a high-definition 50-inch TV and then some! However, if you have failed to design your new iOS with the latest UI guidelines then you could be in trouble. Below are a few tips for designing your UI.

Guideline #1. Use only high resolution images

Now more then ever it is imperative for designers to use high resolution images when designing their App's UI. Since the new Retina Display has enough pixels to make make any image look grainy and pixelated, it is vital that from the start you pick your images carefully and ensure they are high resolution images that will not show any sign of pixelation on the iPad 3's enlarged screen size. This shouldn't be an issue specially if you are seasoned designer and have plenty resources under your built for getting images!

Guideline #2. Don't use images for any text

The biggest thing you hear about the iPad 3 Retina display is how unbelievable clear and crisp the text is rendered. The only downside to this is that any text that is not natively coded as text will look noticeably lower quality.

So what kind of text is usually not natively coded?

  •  Overlay text in headers
  • Sidebars
  • Buttons
  • Search boxes and more

All of the above are great examples of text that is commonly saved as an images. And this is uually because it is much less time-consuming for the designer however it is a shortcut that will hurt you in the end.

Guideline #3 - Large and Clear Navigation Menus

Menus and buttons provide the bridges between you and your visitors and often act as the conversion points that bring you two together. They’re exist in every app and are incredibly vital as well to the overall user experience.

So since they are the focal point of any iPad app, it is extremely important they look clear and concise because when they are bad, people do notice. With the iPad 3's new Retina Display even the  "Add to Cart" button on Amazon's website looks grainy and distorted. This ultimately can reduce readability and conversions for your app, therefore it is extremely you design your UI menus natively for the new iPad's boosted screen resolution.

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