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iPad App Development Guide: Launch Steps

iPad app development: the launch
iPad app development: the launch

We recommend the following three phases in your iPad app development and launch cycle here at Approach Mobile.

Phase 1: One Month Before Official Launch:

Start creating buzz and anticipation around your application. Participate in relevant forums and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or Linkedin if your target audience is more professional-oriented. Start a blog and build relationships with other webmasters who help you promote your application. Make a brief listing of your app's key features and functionalities, show screenshots and ask for users to beta test your application. All these steps should arouse enough curiosity and sets the stage of the next phase of your launch cycle.

Phase 2: Pre-Launch, 4-5 Days Before Official Launch:

With your community of bloggers in place, your launch may get a significant promotional boost at this point. But that's certainly not enough, you must constantly generated buzz with promotions and time-sensitive offers. These offers may be, for example, 50% off the post-launch price, or bundles with other related. Contests and news releases can also help raise awareness. You can submit free pre-release to such popular and effective PR platforms as and

Making videos and distributing them to YouTube and other video sharing sites is another great technique to help spread the word about your application. It is imperative that it be fun and short (just like a commercial). Your messaging needs to be something that your target audience can identify with, or you could go for the shock and surprise factor. It's up to you, but it has to make sense within your larger branding strategy.

Video hosting sites include YouTube, Metacafe and Revver. The more videos you submit, the more exposure you'll get. You can download great viral video marketing tips here.

And last but not least: Your iPad application must be reviewed and approved by Apple, so be sure to submit it on time (1 week verification on average).

Phase 3: Official Launch and Post-Launch:

Create an effective customer service experience and interact with your users by e-mail, social-media sites or other networks and ask them for feedback.

Raise awareness and offer new versions on a regular basis. Offer new features with each new upgrade to constantly add value and keep your customer base engaged.

And most of all: have fun with your new iPad app!