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iPhone OS 4 With Multitasking Feature

iPhone Application Development - Leveraging Multitasking

iPhone has become a most popular and leading device in the mobile technology field with great features that it has. Apple has frequently released updated versions of the iPhone in the mobile market. Apple has launched an amazing iPhone OS 4 some months ago. It comes with great multitasking features which attract the users all over the world. Before the launch of an iPhone OS 4, iPhone lacked behind for multitasking and many other features that other mobile devices are already having. However, with the release of an iPhone OS 4, iPhone has got popularity back rather you can say, it is getting more and more popularity.

Today, Apple has become the leader in the mobile device field due to their newest technology to design powerful and user friendly devices. iPhone OS 4 has been launched with more than 100 new features that increase their capability for the users. Users get full delight from their capabilities such as multitasking, folders, social gaming network and many more. iPhone OS 4 has seven great and dynamic features that can attract users straight forward, and can change the world of users who can get delight with their use.

Features to Leverage in iPhone App Development

Amazing 7 features of iPhone OS 4 are mentioned below:

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Leverage OS 4 in iPhone App Development

Multitasking: Multitasking is a task switcher by which you can switchfrom one application to another application in your iPhone device.

Folders: This feature helps users to manage their applications and to access it fast. By dragging an icon of app into another you can find auto created folder in your device.

E-mail: Unified Inbox allows the users to see their mails in a single box and provides best experience of e-mail to the users.

iAd Function: This feature of iPhone is basically for the application developers by using latest tools of Apple to steady the users into the application while displaying them advertising.

iBooks: It is an e-book reader. One can buy new content through an e-book store.

GameCenter: It provides a multi-player network to connect games. It has also a third-party service.

Enterprise: You can find amazing functions likewireless app distribution, multiple exchange account and many others.

As said earlier, iPhone OS 4 includes hundreds of new user friendly features such as camera application, focus for video, functionality of place, wi-fi, changeable screen wallpaper, Bluetooth keyboard supportive, playlist creation and many others.

iPhone OS 4 is a next generation operating system for mobile devices. All its dynamic and competence functions and applications create the best conditions for an iPhone OS 4 application development.

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