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iPhone or Android App Development?

iPhone and iOS app development is fundamental different than Android app development. Thus learning to program under each platform is very different.

Virtually all new technology and programming languages share a common feature: there is no structured way of learning how to develop under the new technology. Perhaps iOS stands a part somewhat, with Stanford University having created a course on iOS development that's available online for anyone to register. This course was developed with Apple's iTunes University.

In addition, Apple has provided technical presentations at WWDC, which are available for any ADC developer ADC registered in iTunesU.

iphone app development-android app development-table
iOS vs Android Development Table


Coding under iOS and Android is like night and day: from the ability to download and install the SDK, to the strategy employed in testing the application. And ultimately, the very way one learns each platform is diametrically different.

Down to the smallest detail, the two platforms differ in philosophy and in technique, so consider carefully before deciding which path you wish to follow.