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Biometric Scans Theres An App For That

Biometric apps are here

This is an iPhone app development project we did not seen coming here at Approach Mobile!

Massachusetts-based biometric company BI2 Technologies recently developed a shell for iPhone allowing police to conduct criminal record checks using facial recognition, iris scan or fingerprints.

While large-scale tests are planned in September by various police f

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Apple Store Staff Gets iCloud and iOS 5 Training

iOS v. others
Apple Store. Image by ohskylab via Flickr

For the fall season, two big Apple-universe questions remain unanswered. The first one is, of course, regarding iPhone 5's release date. This is a nagging issue for those (like yours truly) itching to upgrade their phone to this new release. Word on the street pegs the release date to early

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Android and iPhone App Development: Tools of the Trade

Image via Wikipedia

When you start to develop applications on both platforms, you'll immediately notice the maturity of the iOS platform when compared to Android's platform.

With its graphic design functionality and its range of test tools available in the simulator as well as in the device itself, you begin to

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10 Steps to Developing a Successful iPhone App

The number of applications continues to grow on the App Store, at the rate of 18,000 applications per month, or 600 applications per day.

And there are already nearly 400,000 applications on the iPhone App Store today, or 2 times more than 12 months ago.

Those are staggering numbers! One can naturally come to wonder how to make our application stands out.

It is certain that the "buzz" made by influential blogs for our iPhone apps is fundamental to its success. And that without great marketing, our app doesn't stand a chance. But if the product does not meet user expectations, after the euphoria of the launch comes the wrath of users.

Therefore the key to a wildly successful app is the quality of the product!

So how do we ensure that our application will meet user expectations and become an instant hit? Well, according to Steve Marmon,

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Becoming an iPhone App Developer

iPhone App Developer - A Lucrative Career

iPhone app developer
iPhone app developer can earn a very good living

The iPhone has captured the imagination of many users in the past few years, making it the market leader as far as smart phones are concerned. With this device dominating the market, the need for iPhone apps that aim to add various functionalities to the iPhone has led to the increase in demand for iPhone app developers stated an

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