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iPad 3 UI Design Guidelines 2012

The new iPad 3 is truly a magnificent piece of technology with over millions of units already sold since its initial release on March 7,2012. As a matter a fact, of the 107 million tablets estimated to be shipped out in 2012, Apple is to account for 62.5 percent of them.

So what is the  biggest change in the new iPad 3?

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Cloud Computing-Whats all the buzz about?

Cloud Computing – What’s all the buzz about?

Cloud Computing

With so much attention surrounding cloud-computing and cloud-based services such as Salesforce, one truly has to wonder what all the hype is about.  To start out, lets just clarify what “cloud computing” exact

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iPhone 5 Specs and Features

The long waited and highly anticipated iPhone 5 is now here and has come with some new tricks and perks up its sleeve. To start off, the newly launched Apple iPhone 5 is the first iPhone ever that is equipped with a monstrous, 4-inch display screen. In spite of this huge shift in desisg, it it has only become thinner and lighter, bearing a more petite frame. To top it off the new iPhone 5 is now driven by a all new A6 chip that is more then twice as powerful as the old chip on the previous iPhone 4S'. The below tables give some more depth behind the specs and features of the all new iPhone 4s.

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iOS 5: Beta 8 Release Date and Other News

iphone app development iOS 5
iOS 5 Coming Real Soon

The latest rumor on the street: iOS 5 GM (Gold Master version, which is the last version before public release) is set to be made available to iPhone app developers on September 23.

BGR, which is generally quite knowledgeable in the area of Apple news, recently made a post on its site that seems to confirm this rumor. But the post does not stop there. The site also announced that the opera

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Biometric Scans Theres An App For That

Biometric apps are here

This is an iPhone app development project we did not seen coming here at Approach Mobile!

Massachusetts-based biometric company BI2 Technologies recently developed a shell for iPhone allowing police to conduct criminal record checks using facial recognition, iris scan or fingerprints.

While large-scale tests are planned in September by various police f

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iPhone App Development: Facial Recognition Now Available

Facial recognition available for iPad and iPhone app development
Facial recognition available for iPad and iPhone app development

Facial recognition may be coming to an iOS 5 near you. Or at least that's what it looks like with Apple's integration of facial recognition APIs in iOS 5. These APIs would allow developers to easily use camera functionalities to recognize faces or portions of faces in iPad and iPhone app

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Over 150,000 iPhone 5 Units Produced Daily

iPhone 5
iPhone 5?

Digitimes, the technology news site based in Asia, is well known for sourcing information from subcontractors of major technology brands. And according to a latest report, production of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 is in full swing.

It is reported that Taiwanese manufacturers of iPhone 5 components have ramped up production. At the same time, Digitimes states that iPhone 5 device production at Foxconn, which is the main assembler, has reached the rate of 150,000 units per day

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Apple Store Staff Gets iCloud and iOS 5 Training

iOS v. others
Apple Store. Image by ohskylab via Flickr

For the fall season, two big Apple-universe questions remain unanswered. The first one is, of course, regarding iPhone 5's release date. This is a nagging issue for those (like yours truly) itching to upgrade their phone to this new release. Word on the street pegs the release date to early

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Android and iPhone App Development: Tools of the Trade

Image via Wikipedia

When you start to develop applications on both platforms, you'll immediately notice the maturity of the iOS platform when compared to Android's platform.

With its graphic design functionality and its range of test tools available in the simulator as well as in the device itself, you begin to

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iPhone or Android App Development?

iPhone and iOS app development is fundamental different than Android app development. Thus learning to program under each platform is very different.

Virtually all new technology and programming languages share a common feature: there is no structured way of learning how to develop under the new technology. Perhaps iOS stands a part somewhat, with Stanford University having created a course on iOS development that's available online for anyone to register. This course was developed with Apple's iTunes University.

In addition, Apple has provided technical presentations at WWDC, which are available for any ADC developer ADC registere

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iPhone App Development: What Apps Should You Create?

To help you decide your next iPhone app development project, we found this very helpful graph that shows the popularity of applications based on downloads. There a second graph that shows app category distribution over time.

iphone app development graph 1

iphone app development graph 2


One ca

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LG Introduced a 4.5-inch IPS Display with HD Resolution


LG new display is great news for app development

We rarely talk about hardware, but we're making an exception with this one: LG just announced its first 4.5-inch screen with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels).

LG not only makes smartphones, or televisions for that matter. The company is also well know for its high-quality computer monitors commented a representative at Approach Mobile. LG's most-recent achievem

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iPad App Development Guide: Launch Steps

iPad app development: the launch
iPad app development: the launch

We recommend the following three phases in your iPad app development and launch cycle here at Approach Mobile.

Phase 1: One Month Before Official Launch:

Start creating buzz and anticipation around your application. Participate in relevant forums and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or Linkedin if your ta

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iPhone App Development and SEO: Business Growth Accelerators

seo and iphone app development
SEO and iPhone app development for businesses

iPhone App Development for Business

The iPhone can be a phenomenal marketing tool, allow businesses to be seen in their marketplace...and more important to interact with it. Thanks to innovative iPhone applications and games, many brands can increase their notoriety and visibility says a employee at Approach

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Tips & Tricks: Installing an iPhone or iPad App with Provisioning Profile

To install an iPhone or iPad application on a limited number of devices, use the method of distribution called "Ad hoc" notes a representative at Approach Mobile.

STEP 1: Before you get started, you first need to communicate your device's UDID (Unique Device Identifier) in the development portal. There are two ways you can do that:

a) The first method consists of downloading the free Ad Hoc Helper application on your iPhone.



This app will

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Overseas Android App Development News: Tunisian Android Coding Party

android app development tunisia
Coding Party in Tunisia. Photo credit:

The "Coding Party", which took place last week in Tunisia, was the first Android and iOS app development challenge of this kind organized by Orange Tunisia (the telecom operator). 11 participants were gathered in the Orange Developer Center located on the shores of Lake to battle it out for the grand prize. The goal was to build Android and iOS applications that

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June Apple Keynote Summary

iphone app development
Great news for iPhone app development

For those who did not get the chance to attend this year's WWDC, here's a brief summary what was said during Apple's keynote on June 6, 2011. Steve Jobs stepped in to launch the presentation and to announce the arrival of iCloud. It seems that iCloud is close to Steve's heart, which probably explains his personal involvement in the announcement said a representative at

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European Operators Adopt Android Billing

Google has deployed service provider enabled invoice payment for Vodafone customers in the UK and Germany. Vodafone becomes the first operator to offer this payment method in Europe. What this means is that applications bought on the Android Market will now be debited directly from the user's mobile operator bill said a representative at Approach Mobile.

A charge limit has been set up, £ 30 per application or £ 250 per month. This measure is to prevent abuse.

In Europe today, the only means of payment is Google Checkout, which is still relatively unknown to the general public. The user also needs a credit card for this service.

Mobile payment systems have been available for several months now in the U.S. (T-Mobile and AT&T US), and in Japan (Softbank, KDDI, NTT DOCOMO).

The purchase of m

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Tips for marketing your iPhone App

App store countdown xacti med
Image by willc2 via Flickr

iPhone App Development: Don't Forget about Marketing

In recent years, the iPhone has proved to be the smart phone of choice for many people. This has led to the increase in demand for iPhone apps, which is good news for iPhone app developers. iPhone app develo

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10 Steps to Developing a Successful iPhone App

The number of applications continues to grow on the App Store, at the rate of 18,000 applications per month, or 600 applications per day.

And there are already nearly 400,000 applications on the iPhone App Store today, or 2 times more than 12 months ago.

Those are staggering numbers! One can naturally come to wonder how to make our application stands out.

It is certain that the "buzz" made by influential blogs for our iPhone apps is fundamental to its success. And that without great marketing, our app doesn't stand a chance. But if the product does not meet user expectations, after the euphoria of the launch comes the wrath of users.

Therefore the key to a wildly successful app is the quality of the product!

So how do we ensure that our application will meet user expectations and become an instant hit? Well, according to Steve Marmon,

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Understanding Android App Development

android app development
Understanding Android App Development

Android is a mobile platform developed by Google. Many people believe that Android is just an operating system for their smart phone; but this is a terrible understatement. Android is a complete mobile application development platform, consisting of the Operating System (OS) and the main applications, which are popular with end-users, and other advanced components, which allow for

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The Need For iPhone Application Development

iPhone app development appstore demand
iPhone App Download Growth

What has made the iPhone so popular with smart phone enthusiasts is the fact that iPhones come packed with very many features. Key among them is the ability to allow for customization of its functionalities. The ease in which the iPhone’s feature can be customized is what has made the device open for iPhone app development. Many iPhone app developers strive to come up with mobile applications that

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Guide to iPad App Development

iPad App Development: The Opportunity

ipad app development
iPad app development: guide

The launch of the iPad ushered in a new era of mobile computing. The domination of portable computers by notebooks and laptops was shattered, the moment this new state-of-the-art device was launched commented a representative at Approach Mobile. What is interesting with the iPad is the fact that though it comes pre-installed with

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Becoming an iPhone App Developer

iPhone App Developer - A Lucrative Career

iPhone app developer
iPhone app developer can earn a very good living

The iPhone has captured the imagination of many users in the past few years, making it the market leader as far as smart phones are concerned. With this device dominating the market, the need for iPhone apps that aim to add various functionalities to the iPhone has led to the increase in demand for iPhone app developers stated an

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Create an iPhone App

iPhone App Development

Creating an iPhone App

As you may know, iPhones are the most popular smart phones out there. With the increasing rate of purchases every day, nothing can stop the amazing iPhone. The good thing about the iPhone is that Ap

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iPhone OS 4 With Multitasking Feature

iPhone Application Development - Leveraging Multitasking

iPhone has become a most popular and leading device in the mobile technology field with great features that it has. Apple has frequently released updated versions of the iPhone in the mobile market. Apple has launched an amazing iPhone OS 4 some months ago. It comes with great multitasking features which attract the users all over the world. Before the launch of an iPhone OS 4, iPhone lacked behind for multitasking and

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New iPhone App Development

New iPhone App Development

iphone app developmentIt may be argued that the iPhone is not the best phone availab

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iPhone App Developer: Restrictions in Development

iPhone App Developer - Restrictions in Development

iphone app developer
Restrictions for iPhone app developers

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Top Selling Strategies For iPhone App

iPhone App Development and Marketing - The Next Step

Once you've successfully created your application, the next most important step is to market and create buzz for your new application in the App Store.

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Writing iPhone Apps is Not Easy

Developing iPhone Apps - The Challenges

iPhone App Development Challenges
Not easy...

If you're reading this article, chances are good that you are thinking about writing your own iPhone app. You probably heard all the same things I did before I got started. Oh, it's super easy. Anyone can do it. Just write one quick app and you'll get rich. Well, let me give you a little different perspective.

iPhone App Developm

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Crucial Role of the iPhone App Developer

iPhone App Developers are Key to App Success

iphone app developers
Great iPhone app developers are key

As the market of the iPhone grows dramatically, the demand of the iPhone applications is also going on increasing. This development cannot be thought of, without hiring the services of any professional iPhone app developer. This does not mean that developing the iPhone app is very complex in nature.

Nowadays business is all abo

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